Everything you need to give your child a head start in learning to read

This fantastic fun activity kit includes everything you need to help your child learn to read and write through interactive play. At only £99 you get exceptional value for money. With a sing-a-long CD perfect for making car journeys more enjoyable, amazing computer games, exciting DVD, super sticker activity books and more all tidily contained in a Jolly case. Click on the items to find out more about each one…

Perfect for ages 3 - 5 Find out more
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The Jolly Case

Everything is kept safe and tidy in this bright canvas case, which your child can carry with them wherever they go. There’s even a slot on the case so your child can personalise it with their picture and if you open Snake’s mouth at the side of the case there’s also a set of triangular grip pencils and an eraser.


Jolly Phonics DVD

Meet phonics characters Inky Mouse, Snake and Bee. Your child will love following Inky Mouse’s adventures as she covers all the letter sounds and the five basic skills for reading and writing. Keeping your child entertained for over two hours, this engaging DVD is a great introduction to phonics and includes a fun activity, spoken letter sound guide, Using Jolly Phonics parents’ guide and more.


Jolly Songs

Perfect for learning on the go – this CD is one of our most popular products. Many parents play it in the car to keep children entertained while on journeys. The singalong songs are catchy and set the 42 letter sounds to popular tunes. Games and activities are included in the accompanying 24-page book.


Jolly Phonics Letter Sound Poster

A great prompt for your child’s bedroom, this colourfully illustrated poster depicts the 42 letter sounds. Arranged in seven groups, each letter sound has an illustration that reminds your child of the Jolly Phonics action and sound.


Jolly Phonics Games CD

This delightful computer game (suitable for PC or MAC) keeps your child entertained for hours – it’s ideal for independent learning with minimum supervision required.

There are 20 interactive levels allowing your child to practise and revise their knowledge. Why not download the demo and see for yourself?


Jolly Stories

This beautifully illustrated hardback book contains seven fascinating stories, leading your child through the 42 letter sounds. Inky Mouse and friends take your child on their adventures showing your child the formation of letters, words and spelling along with the Jolly Phonics action.


Parents’ Guide

Everything to help you get your child started on Jolly Phonics. Suggestions for which items to use first and an overview of how and why phonics gives your child a head start in literacy.


7 fun-filled activity books

Packed with stickers, colouring, puzzles, games, craft activities and more, this complete set of phonics activity books engages with your child on every level. Each book guides them through reading and writing using multi-sensory techniques, making learning fun. There’s a story and action for each letter sound, with each book progressing through the different sounds to give your child a solid grounding in the English language.

  • “My 4 year old loves this, the books are interactive and we listen to the cd’s in the car, even I know the songs now!”

    Mrs. H

  • “I bought this for my 3 year old grand daughter and she loves it, it’s very informative and certainly keeps the interest of the children.”

    Brian Snowdon

  • “He loves the fact that its in a special bag that belongs to him, the products are robust and clear.”

    Jackie Furley

  • “I bought this for my 4 year old who has started to learn the phonic sounds at school in reception class.”

    F E Diamond

  • This is great product. My 4 year old loves doing the activities and its a really fun way for learning.

    Mr. Peters